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Phoenix Company

PhoenixCo is a blockchain-based investment company , which focuses on innovative ways of income growth , risk & asset management and financial services. PhoenixCo has introduced PhoenixCo Token – XPHX to create a favorable condition to share the occupational and money-making opportunities, disseminate accurate and updated information for the general public, and provide the most credited technical analyses for promoting the traders’ level in this growing financial market. Now we’re introducing XPHX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC-BEP20), which will take the place of the old SLP-based XPHX by the end of 2021.
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About XPHX : XPHX token was initially launched on the BCH blockchain as a SLP token. After about 11 months of working hard and community gathering, we decided to migrate to the BSC blockchain and upgrade the DeFi area usage. We also sent monthly dividends(~2.7BCH) to XPHX holders and weekly mining rewards as token distribution solution.

How to use XPHX ?
  • -Staking : Users can lock their XPHX tokens for staking rewards , which is the ultimate way of mining new tokens into circulation. Our plan is to release 44%(14,520,000) of total XPHX supply in 5 years period ,starting with 4,000,000 mining rewards in 2021-2022 .
  • -Liquidity Pool : We decided to giveaway [33.00 %] of Swap fees to our users by providing XPHX paired liquidity pools. Using this method everyone can benefit from swap fees we collect and always get paid in proportion to their share.
  • -Payment method : for PhoenixCo services such as online courses , VIP telegram channel and others.

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%APR : 8.87

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DURATION : 85 Days

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TVL(Total Value Locked)

$ 64,350

Total XPHX Locked

3,092,967 XPHX

Total Mined XPHX(staking)

1,631,496 XPHX

Redistributed Swap Fees

$ 400.41

Total Saving Profit

$ 244

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